Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to my Grammie Blog!

Honestly, this is my way of trying to escape the "Mom, you need a MySpace page!" speech I get from time to time. Blogging is so much more fun and Grammie can always come up with something, even though it's been a long time coming. As for what will be found here, there's just no tellin'!

For my daughters, I hope to eventually have recipes and the like that are my favorites. Plus just simply share photos, websites and other ideas from time to time.

For my lil ones, Bee and Barrett, I'll try to keep a very interesting and eye-catching layout for them. I've chosen Kung Fu Panda for starters. What do you think?

So visit soon - this could be AMAZING!

(i just know those folks over at MySpace and FaceBook are crying their hearts out!)

Grammie P


ruthie said...

love this idea, good luck !